Diego Bispo Academy Shows Up

Saturday May 12 kicked off the Virginia Beach Open, New Breed Ultimate Challenge. As the contenders prepared their minds and primed their bodies for battle on the mats, several kids joined the DBA team ranks, making their first appearance in the competition arena. Fueled by the encouragement of teammates and the support of a family-oriented BJJ community these new competitors were fully equipped to employ their DBA instilled techniques.

Both seasoned DBA and first-time competitors alike fought hard and aggressively as they tested the effectiveness of their daily training. As the day unfolded, each match inviting two to the mat and bringing forth one with an arm raised high, Diego Bispo Academy youth and teens secured a First Place Team trophy. To stand on the podium as a team is not only a testament to individual skill and discipline, but also a clear reflection of the leadership and direction of a passionate and dedicated professor.

When the kids bouts came to a close the adult contestants set forth to mirror the young warriors, bringing to the table deeper strength, greater years, and an equal love for the challenge of a worthy opponent. The DBA women’s self-proclaimed “white belt mafia” made a good showing finding spots on the podium. While DBA men and women upper belts took home championship belts, gold, silver, and bronze medals. The tournament ended with Diego Bispo Academy men and women seizing the First Place trophy as the adult team emerged on top battling in both Gi and No-Gi divisions.

Hampton Roads is starting to notice, DBA is making waves. Bringing home the Team Champion Title is not a fluke, in March Diego Bispo Academy students found great success in the US Grappling Virginia Beach tournament by placing first in all four possible team divisions. DBA hopes to continue this trend as the team prepares for the upcoming NAGA Virginia Beach Championship on June 23.